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The “Ugo Betti” Institute has 11 schools in three towns (Camerino, Fiastra and Serravalle), serving about 600 students. There are four kindergardens for children ages 3 to 5, four elementary schools for children ages 6 to 10, and three middle schools for children ages 11 to 13.

Camerino has the “L’Aquilone” and “D. Ortolani” kindergardens, the “U. Betti” and “S. D’Acquisto” elementary schools, and the “G. Boccati” middle school. The towns of Fiastra and Serravalle each have a kindergarten, an elementary school and a middle school, as well.

Families of elementary school children have the opportunity to choose a school with a schedule that fits their needs, as the “S. D’Acquisto” school has morning and afternoon lessons five days a week, for a total of 40 hours, while the “U. Betti” school has morning lessons and at certain times also afternoon lessons, six days a week, for a total of 28/32 hours.

Given the extension of the lesson schedule into the afternoon, the schools provide lunch service with high quality foods prepared on-site in their own kitchens.

There are numerous extra-curricular activities available, such as music, acting, checkers and chess courses, yoga classes, reading seminars, scientific activities and workshops, educational and cultural visits, sports and creative activities, and digital culture promotion initiatives.